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*** Hey everyone! There's quite a lot going in the movie world nowadays, so I'll do my best to let you know of the latest news and goings-on.***

All of the info that we get comes from The Leaky Cauldron.

~The movie is getting rave reviews!!! Two people who have seen private screenings of the movie had noting but praise for the acting, sets, director, and how faithfully it keeps to the books. I am so excited about seeing it, as I'm sure all of you are too.
~The real third movie poster is finally out. It is the same picture as the one on the soundtrack. Personally, I like it better than the other ones, because it shows all of the main characters.
~The final tv trailer will hit the airwaves on November 2nd, which will supposedly feature scenes from the Quidditch games.
~The official website now has a page in the Daily Prophet which tells you the dates of upcoming magazines, tv shows/specials and days(release dates) which are significant to the world of Harry Potter.
~Gilderoy Lockhart has been cast! The role of this zany professor will not go to Hugh Grant as previously believed, but to Kenneth Branagh, Variety reports.
~You can get three new screensavers at the official website, all are of scenes from the movie.
~The soundtrack comes out on Tuesday the 30th. The international version (which I heard will not be sold in the US) is a double CD which features the score on one disc, and a CD-ROM which has some other stuff from the movie, like the three movie posters. You can also listen to little clips from all of the songs on the soundtrack at www.harrypottersoundtrack.com. The soundtrack also comes with a great poster of Harry and Hedwig.

Here's the third and final movie poster!

~The Seeker game is finally up on the official website. It's pretty good, and it's not as hard as the Keeper game!
~You can watch the third trailer on the official site now too. I haven't seen that particular one on tv yet though. I've only seen the one which is shown late at night and is aimed at an older audience. It's basically bits and pieces of the other two trailers, but the music in the background is incredible! I hope that it's on the soundtrack.
~Speaking of the soundtrack, the cover has been released. I think it's great. Here it is:

~You can take a virtual tour of the train station and Hogwarts at the Coca-Cola page of the official website. I took it, but the graphics weren't very clear on my computer, probably because we need a better video card.
~According to the Wall Street Jouranl, the movie is 2 hours, 23 minutes long.

Hogsmeade Station
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